Moerser (Mortar)

A guardarlo viene in mente un attrezzo per un massaggio
del tipo “stone terapy” invece è: un mortaio .
La palla in vetro è il pestello mentre la forma della base
garantisce una presa sicura per tritare al meglio erbe e spezie. Per ora è solo un prototipo, l’auspicio è che lo mettano in produzione perchè è ‘da possedere’

The velvet like surface of the porcellain and its organic form make the mortar a soft and smooth object.

Moerser - Mortar

Traditional pestles require unergonomic movements of the hand when being used. According to that, a translucent ball made out of glass is used instead of a pestle. The ball as well as the mortar are very inviting to be touched by the hand. Automatically and playful the hand finds the way of use: It rolls the ball gently inside the dip.
The simple and pleasant movements on the one hand, the safe and
silent holding on the other hand, play together in a supplementing way.
One starts to sink in thoughts, a pensive and thoughtful work.

The reduced and organically initial design gets supported by the natural materials glass and porcellain. Herbs and spices get enclosed to dishes in as little parts as possible to influence diverse functions of the body softly, as well as the taste of the food. It is nice to crush them on its own, instead of taking them out of a sterile package in a mechanically crushed form. A personal realtionship and a better taste is the result. The taste gets more intensive the more the herbs and spices get crushed. No artifical fragrance, like coming suddenly out of a tin,can happen. The comparison of fastfood with homemade food seems analogous: The repletion is just the same, astounding are the differences for senses and soul.

Moerser - Mortar


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